Reggio Calabria (RC), 89124, Italy


Available Source Parameters:Array Elements Locations (with unitary-amplitude Excitations)
Far Field Pattern: Reconfigurable

LEMMA researchers developed an innovative and deterministic approach for the optimal synthesis of one-dimensional arrays being at the same time sparse, isophoric, and phase-only reconfigurable [1]. As in the case of equispaced arrays, the proposed design procedure guarantees optimal results by exploiting the knowledge available in the separate synthesis of the desired beams. In this case, advantage is also taken from the determination of optimal reference continuous aperture sources. The approach leads to sparse arrays having a high amplifiers’ efficiency and a simplified feeding network.

  1. A. F. Morabito, T. Isernia, and L. Di Donato, “Optimal synthesis of phase-only reconfigurable linear sparse arrays having uniform-amplitude excitations,” Progress In Electromagnetics Research, vol. 124, pp. 405-423, 2012. [click here]