Reggio Calabria (RC), 89124, Italy


Available Source Parameters: Array Constrained Locations (with unitary-amplitude Excitations)
Far Field Pattern: Pencil Beam

A simple and innovative deterministic approach to the synthesis of uniformly-excited thinned arrays has been presented by LEMMA in [1]. Starting from a reference regular lattice and an optimal continuous reference source fulfilling at best the required specifications, the proposed technique finds out both the number and the location of the isophoric radiating elements to be withdrawn in order to fulfill precise requirements on the SLL and directivity maximum values.

  1. O. M. Bucci, T. Isernia, and A. F. Morabito, “A deterministic approach to the synthesis of pencil beams through planar thinned arrays,” Progress In Electromagnetics Research, vol. 101, pp. 217-230, 2010. [click here]