Reggio Calabria (RC), 89124, Italy


Available Source Parameters: Continuous source
Far Field Pattern: Pencil Beam

By exploiting a collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II, LEMMA researches solved the problem of the optimal synthesis of circularly-symmetric continuous aperture sources able to radiate pencil beams fulfilling given requirements on the far-field and/or the directivity [1]. The synthesis has been conveniently reduced to a Convex programming problem, with the inherent advantages in terms of both solutions’optimality and computational burden. While avoiding super-directive solutions, the proposed approach allows one to guarantee the fulfillment of arbitrary constraints on the sidelobes and to enforce a dynamic range ratio bound on the aperture filed’s amplitude behavior.
The approach has also been applied to generate fields optimally fulfilling the “four-colors” reuse scheme recently proposed by the European Space Agency in order to realize the multi-spot beam coverage of Europe from GEO satellites [2].

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